The lament of the forest for the evenstar - The mallorns shall weep, and the river doth cry.

Lovely was thy song that day
As we lay among the blossom spray
That held no tide of mourning grace
As thy love thee did embrace.

Then, again he returned hear
With the Ring in long pass'd year,
But his hope was with his love,
And ever did he look to the stars far above.

Soon thee returned, to thy mother's kin
And safe in the knolage that thy love had bin
Led along this path, and that his heart
Though weary did still hold thy part.

Then thee left thee, and she too
Took her tideings away from you
And these people passed unto the sea,
Leaving love left within thee.

And then we stood for many years
Untouched by immortal tears,
Yet the song of Nimrodel in the river did still cry
And revered was the forest, and still the elenor doth lie.

And thee return here, mortal one
For thy love and thy kin have gone
To the lands and the places thee sleep again this night;
For the forest shall watch over thee, Evenstar so bright.

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