The Lament of Hirgon's Son

My father went away today, <br /> Red arrow in his hand.<br /> Like Boromir the Brave he went <br /> O'or the desolate land.<br /> <br /> To fetch the King of Rohan,<br /> And to bring him ere the host<br /> Of Mordor arrives jeering,<br /> And Sauron comes to boast<br /> <br /> Of his long awaited victory,<br /> His lordship of the world.<br /> For before my Minas Tirith<br /> His black standard is unfurled.<br /> <br /> My father went two days ago;<br /> I long for him today.<br /> My mother saw the beacon lit.<br /> War is not far away.<br /> <br /> My father left three days ago,<br /> Before the women left.<br /> I wish now more than ever that <br /> We were not king-bereft.<br /> <br /> I see them in the distance now,<br /> Orcs and haradrim.<br /> To the gates of Minas Tirith, <br /> Father come, our hope is dim.<br /> <br /> Faramir was felled today, <br /> By an evil dart.<br /> &quot;Killed at once&quot; I heared men say.<br /> &quot;Pierced right through his heart.&quot;<br /> <br /> Lord Denethor has gone quite mad,<br /> And Mithrandir commands.<br /> He tells the soldiers to stand fast<br /> Against orc-infested lands.<br /> <br /> My father left four weeks ago, <br /> Before the seige began.<br /> Those black men, orcs watch every road.<br /> Rohan cannot come.<br /> <br /> The lowest level is in flames.<br /> The men will sing no more.<br /> The like of what Fate placed us in<br /> Has ne'er been seen before.<br /> <br /> The men of Rohan came last night.<br /> How? I do not know.<br /> Dwarves will make us stronger gates;<br /> Elves will make things grow.<br /> <br /> A King returned to Gondor.<br /> Elessar is his name.<br /> Isildur's heir of old is he;<br /> All men will sing his fame.<br /> <br /> All the sent have come returning<br /> But Father will not return.<br /> Now not e'en the king can replace<br /> The man for whom I yearn.<br /> <br />
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