The Lady of Light - Galadriel, Lady of Lorien

Hair of pure gold threads
Clad in robes of shimmering white
In the heart of the Dream Flower
Dwells the Lady of Light

Ageless is her face
Even after six thousand years
But within her deep eyes she holds
The unnumbered elven tears

Her voice is crystal clear
Like the glittering falls of Nimrodel
But in it is the depth
Of her mind, the wisdom well

She is descent of greatness
Of the legendary craftspeople, the Noldor
Before the Kinslaying at Swanhaven
The resided in the blessed Valinor

Now with her dwells Celeborn
Wise lord of the Galadhrim
For ages they have been together
Though, to them, a short while it must seem

Upon her finger is Nenya
The elven ring of water
At one point she possessed the Evenstar
Then passed on to her daughter

But now she is faced with a choice
That will alter the fate of all
Shall she reject the One Ring
Or lead the free peoples to their fall

So here she stands to pass
The ultimate test of herself
Her choice shall rule the fate
Of every man, dwarf, and elf

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