The Keeper of the Wood

The willow softly speaks his name<br /> A hush falls on the fey<br /> He walks with muddled sounds of such<br /> Harsh scrutiny and dismay<br /> <br /> For if you are a foe of late<br /> As the tales so often tell<br /> Walk amongst his wooded land<br /> And no one shall know you fell<br /> <br /> Bring to him no foul ill will<br /> For Haldir is his name<br /> Love both his land and his kin<br /> And he shall do the same<br /> <br /> Bring him closer to your heart<br /> And he shall prove most true<br /> Loyalty shown to friends alike<br /> As elves most often do<br /> <br /> Breathe the breath of love sincere<br /> And look deeply in his eyes<br /> You shall fall upon his name<br /> Marked with boundaries but no ties<br /> <br /> Boundaries marked by mortality<br /> For this reason he holds no ties<br /> He is immortal, life has no end<br /> And the mortal eventually dies<br />
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