The Homecoming of Olorin

O gentle breeze of Aman
How passionately do you kiss
My old and withered face!
Blowing the albuscent hair
and my bristly beard.
My robes billow out, and I feel renewed vigour
fresh blood in my viens, in my heart-valour.
The Third Age has ended
and all is set aright;
the Fading of the Eldar, and the dominion of Man
There stands Frodo and Bilbo on the deck
of this Elven ship of Cirdan,
honoured for their valour by the departing Elves.
Aaaah! Behold the last rays of the Setting Sun-hail Arien!
Flanking me are Elrond of Imladris
And Altariel Galadriel of Lorien.
Elrond, I percieve you bitter sweet sorrow-
you leave behind Arwen, to see your wife and sire.
Galadriel, you pine for Celeborn and the Golden Wood.
BUT REJOCE! For our toils are over:
We return to the West: the Sea calls us home....
I feel the vessel lift upwards:traversing ILMEN ON HIGH
On the Straight Road to my beloved home
Aman, Aman , my heart aches for thee!
I go to thee, Blessed Realm!
Now at last Ireturn to you
Where my soul abode all this while
The grey rain-curtain of the World rolls back
And I behold the sight for which I longed for....
white shores...and a far green country, under a swift sunrise
Middle-earth, Middangeard...Namarie, for ever.......
Aman, Valinor, Olorin goes to thee...........

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