The History of the Ring-pt 1 - The Ring's Beginnings

I amar prestar aen,
The World has changed,
Han mathon ne nen,
I feel it in the water,
Han mathon ne chae,
I feel it in the Earth,
A han noston ned 'wilith,
I smell it in the air.

The Great Rings were forged,
Three to the Elves,
And fair of all beings,
7, to dwarves,
Great miners,
craftsmen of mountains,
greedy of gold and mithril,
And 9 Rings were given to man,
All desiring power.

In all of the rings was,
The strength and will
to govern.....
So there was peace....
But another ring was made-
In secret.

In the land of Mordor,
Where the Shadows Lie,
One Ring to Rule them all,
One Ring to Find them,
One Ring to Bring them all,
And in the Darkness Bind them,
In the land of Mordor,
Where the Shadows lie.

Lord Sauron made the Ring,
And into it,
He poured his,
And Will to dominate
All Life.

Races fell,
To the power,
Of the Ring.

A last alliance of Men and Elves
Stood to the Power of the Ring.
It was in a moment the Islidur,
Son of the King,
Cut the Ring of His Hand.

But kept it.

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