The heart of Eowyn2 - a poem that finishes off about eowyns life, her desires and her dreams as she looks to the future

To understand the poem read the first one!

My lord, my lord do you call for me?
No leave me to death & let me be
I am healing in body but not in heart
I seek death as a shield-maiden of the Riddermark
Alas I am not fully healed & cannot go
I am filled with vexation, grief, and woe
And now off to war goes all ones I love
And I look & prey to the heavens above
All I ask is for their safe return
Of their end I shall wish to learn
At hearing of their victory I rejoice
But now comes my most difficult choice
The ice melts & my heart begins to change
And of another marriage I will arrange
Love flows out of me
My vision returns and I can see
My love for King Aragorn was not meant to be
And of my weariness I am free
I no longer wish to be renowned or great
And for his forgiveness I constantly wait
Of shall be no songs & I will not be in old lore
For my heart goes to Faramir, captain of Gondor
I leave my people and my past
To face a love that through all evil shall last
Of this tale there is no more to be sung
I've met my end and the war is won

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