The great choices of master Samwise - The fight that Sam has to choice the power of the ring or his master Frodo.

Madness and fear,
A choice is laid before me.
Samwise the strong or the masters life?

The ring calls to me,
Encouraging me,
All I have to do it put it on and claim it for myself,
And all Middle Earth will be mine!

But his life is in my hands,
He could be dying, calling my name!
Why has this great evil been laid upon us?

Like an evil blanket wrapped around me!
Choking me,
Strangling me,
I cannot breathe!

The Eye will surely see me.
Always searching,
Always watching,
Never sleeping!
He is looking for his precious!

As it comes to my decision I cannot do it,
I hear my masters ever calling voice!
So soft, so friendly and lovingly,
He needs me!
I must resist!

I know what I must do!
I must save Mr. Frodo to save the Shire,
Nay all of Middle Earths!

I shall not rule the land,
I shall coexist in it,
For the days of all whom live in this land.

I shall go to that wrenched tower and save my loving friend,
I will fulfil the dities that we have been interested in us

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