The golden flower

The golden flower

Down on wing of fire it came
A twisted form of the eternal flame
To block the path of there retreat
But one rode out his doom to meet
Upon a mountain side high
He rode out though he knew he'd die
Unwithered he stood before its storm
Alone in the pale light of the dawn
Jump and duck, slash and whack!
Jump and slip then stager back
Two swords meet and the blades shattered
He stood now weaponless nit that it mattered
So smote the beast on the mountain side
So broke its strength and its pride
But he was crushed as well
As from high height's our hero fell
On eagles wings they bore him to his rest
And laid his sword upon his chest
Then raised a stone on which is inscribed
In Gonderlin he lived and for its people died
And thus our freedom we owe to him
Glofindel, the golden flower of Gonderlin


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