The future

Nine dots of poison
dropped from the sky
Nine words of silence
followed its track
A shadow arose
blooded was it´s eye
Motionless was it´s name

Nine there are to come
Nine who will bear it´s cloak
hidden in the unsaid
A day to come

But yet eight there will be

Eight dots of shadow
But nine bore it´s name

Nine there were
in the hills
bearing my name
in neverending mist
Mists will form
Taking it´s hollow path

A voice of poison
fell from the sky
A lone figure
to a silent tear

Break it will
but nine will come
and the wolf will watch motionless
with it´s right paw in the air
Frozen dots of shadow
will follow
Arise my friend

I know this aint as good as one could think, but I like it
Comments are more than welcome *smiles*

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