The Frailty of Life - A poem about life, war and hope, as said by sam

This is to be said by Sam

So precious and special is life
That its frailty is hidden by this world of strife
Everyone looks for the worst and never the best
They say that the evil in this world will never be at rest
But I, I think differently than them
To all this darkness and bleakness, I condemn
This world is full of goodness & hope
And it turns tears to laughter for those who mope
Often times will turn arduous and rough
All will lose something but all must be tough
For the day will come when the darkness shall fade
And to rest shall arms and weapons be laid
Though thick and thin, dark and light
All should unite and for peace, fight
For the good of the world & hearts of all
We must rise above, we must not fall
Have hope and embrace this war-torn world
For once evil is gone, a new peace shall be unfurled

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