The Final Chapter of the Great Elves

The flowers are blooming; the birds sing their name<br /> The harp's notes are captured, its harmony tamed<br /> Flickers of light are seen through the trees<br /> Colors float freely entwined in the breeze<br /> The mountains soar high to boast their great deed<br /> Swift streams down below still pay them no heed<br /> Grasses bend gently to give freely themselves<br /> And leave a slight softness beneath the Great Elves<br /> Deep in their eyes they still harbor their fears<br /> A vision of sadness, the trail of tears<br /> So long have they journeyed, so far they have come<br /> To let endless love become so undone<br /> As a world goes awry, they persue their last quest<br /> Lest the Great Elves of old shall eternally rest
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