The Fellowships Horses - The horses in the fellowship


Bill you were so brave
As Sam led you
Sam gave you the love you craved.
And love him in return did you,
Brave little bill.


Asfaloth you ran swift
with your burden Frodo.
Away from the ringwraiths
you ran swiftly.
Swift, beautiful Asfaloth.


Brego, through many battles you carried him,
For Aragorn you risked every limb.
When Aragorn fell
You searched for him.
You found him,
And brought him to Helmsdeep.
Brave, Brave Brego.


Arod, you carried two
as your burden,
Legolas loved you so
Into battle you carried your burden two.
Strong, Strong Arod.


Shadowfax your the King of the horses,
And on your back you carry Gandalf the White.
You are a Rohirrim horse
You only let Gandalf the white ride you
To battle or anywhere else.
Beautiful,Royal Shadowfax.

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