The Fellowship is Broken

The Fellowship is Broken

"The fellowship is broken,
Now those who wish to wander will
Some across the sea, some to their thrown
Some to Fangorn's ancient trees
And others to hills which they call home

This has marked the third age's end
Yet the story shall be carried on
In heart, mind, and in soul
In fireside stories on snowy days
And in blessed memories and dark nights
`Till tale becomes legend and legend becomes myth
But still the story of the One Ring shall exist

Other perils may come, which we shall never know
And yet none will be as great as the one you have faced,
Forever more it shall be remembered
Forever for eternity
Until our world is just a myth
Along with all we know
Until all our tales are just a gift
In great book by Tolkien

And then we shall live once more
In the hearts and minds of others
`Till their belief once more makes us whole
And again we thrive above all others

The fellowship is broken
No longer do they travel together
Sad was their parting indeed
And yet now all are content,
Or as content as they will ever be

Alas! For Lagolas, Gimli and the sea
Alas! For Sam, Pippin and Merry
Alas! For the ring bearers and Mirthrandir
Alas! For dead Broromir and Aragorn
Alas! For them nevermore I will see . . ."

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