The Fellowship - A five line stanza for each member

The Fellowship

There once was a wizard all grey
Who came to the Shire one day
To save an old fellow
From his evil Ring: yellow
And show him to Mordor the way.

Aragorn, Strider, the king,
Of whom many praises we sing
The Comp'ny took control
After Gandalf's fall in a hole,
So let your glad voices ring!

A brave man from Gondor there came
Whose stout heart there held a lust stain
He went after the Ring,
A quite evil thing,
The died, knowing he was to blame.

A stout one, dear Gimli loved mines,
And in Moria, cave of straight column lines,
The orcs he killed
Were permanently stilled,
Proving his worth to the Nine.

Legolas the elf fair and true
To the art of shooting was not new
Many orcs he took down
With a sort of "Whoosh" sound,
And gave them their fair death's due.

He master he always did feed
By killing the gardening weed.
Then followed him to
A mountain that through,
He learned his master's true need.

This large, lively, young future Thain,
Could never resist a fun game,
On Bob, Dick or Larry,
But especially poor Merry,
A pair were they -- two of the same.

Merry, from an ignorant cloud
Slashed the Witch King's black shroud,
Helping the maiden
Take down and slay him,
So cheer him --laugh with him out loud.

Frodo is last, the Ringbearer,
Doomed, he was the carrier
Of grief and despair,
Through Mordor, Shelob's lair
And became a peace-protector.

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