The Fate of Pippin - A Poem

Here we go again Pip!
A Stout little Hobbit
But quick to laugh
Merry at his side
Too walk this long path

For as we get taken
By whom do you say?
Ugly,stinking Orks!
As us as thier prey

The sky is ever darker
Even in broad day
For shadows cover
While we are caried away

For this is are chance!
To get finally away
Lets hide in this forest
We wont get astray..

Trees seem to whisper
A nameless fear
For where is Strider?
Is anyone here?

For an Ent is thee
Can you help us?
Dear old tree?

Come to Isangard with me!
For we shall march against sauroman!
Dont be afraid!
For where is Gandalf?

We need him this day..

He has fallen in to shadow
Sadly i say
Are dearest friend
Has wander astray

Iam sorry
For sad iam too,
Time is too soon!

For here we are,smoking are pipes!
For Sauroman is defeated!
Well look who is here..

For is this Strider...
For who is the Fourth Clad in white?
Is it Sauroman?Or Gandalf the White!

For hello Gandalf,how did you come?
Would you like a pipe?
Or maybe some rum?

For war is at hand...
I missed you dear Hobbits
I must admit,For come along now!

For follow Aragorn
I bid a word with Suroman
For iam not grey...
But Gandalf the White!

For Sauroman is no longer a wizard
Not even a Barrow-wight
For go and rest,Tell your tales!
For i wish to hear them!
Dont forget the Ale!

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