The Fall of Nolofinwë

Fire devoured all<br /> none answered horn call<br /> Valiant Princes upon earth lain<br /> cruelly have they been slain<br /> <br /> Armies lay under siege<br /> comes crying the King&#8217;s liege<br /> Desolate is his high view<br /> red is the ground&#8217;s dew<br /> <br /> Slain are kith and kin<br /> the Glamhoth adin<br /> Brightly crowned is the King&#8217;s head<br /> lo! it falls clattering sighting the dead<br /> <br /> Utter ruin before him<br /> the sun groweth dim<br /> Fey is his mood<br /> for all withers that was good<br /> <br /> Seizing Ringil, he goes to do valour<br /> upon that great steed Rochallor<br /> Who runneth upon winged feet<br /> with his lord firm aseat<br /> <br /> From burnt heath to choking dust<br /> where forgotten sword falls into rust<br /> Taunts fiercely he cries<br /> the great gate he smites<br /> <br /> The ground shakes and all is a-tremble<br /> thence from the gate comes He, with armor and shield of sable<br /> In whose eye, Ringil gleams cold<br /> and strikes fear in that Enemy of Old<br /> <br /> Down came hammer and woe betide<br /> but that Lord, in raiment bright, leapt aside<br /> Seven times does Ringil hew<br /> to sever Bauglir&#8217;s sinew<br /> <br /> Standing tall above Finwë&#8217;s son<br /> He comes down in wrath with shield dun<br /> Heavily the King doth fall<br /> Upon his neck, lay the foot of Morgoth tall<br /> <br /> Breathing his last<br /> the King hews fast<br /> But immortal life fails<br /> and West it sails<br /> <br /> But his body Morgoth breaks<br /> and nigh well casts it to his drakes<br /> But lo! Thorondor comes in a rush of wings<br /> and away he takes the son of kings<br /> <br /> Thence he bears him to the hidden City<br /> him who was slain with no pity<br /> Where Turukáno dwells, his son<br /> Nolofinwë who came with the Sun<br /> <br /> <br /> Hísilómë- Hithlum<br /> Glamhoth- ancient name for the Orcs<br /> Nolofinwë- Fingolfin<br /> Turukáno- Turgon<br /> <br /> *If the text is difficult to read or if you wish to read more of my writings, feel free to go to
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