The Fall Of Khazad-Dum - A poem about the destruction of Moria and the fall of Durin and his Dwarves

The Fall Of Khazad-Dum

"Khazad-Dum! Khazad-Dum!
No more alight beneath the moon!
Dark Days upon you have descended
Your strong stone gates were well defended
By Durin's dwarves who now have gone
To the bright lands so far beyond
The borders of the eastern lands
No more to walk upon the sands
Of this world of darkness falling
Hear thier voices mournful calling
The majestic halls now silent lie
And long has it been since dwarvish eye
Has gazed upon the wonders there
Where music and laughter once filled the air
There glowing hearth shined ever bright
All wondered at the power and might
Of Durin's dwarves, the craftsmen great,
Whose halls now filled with deadly hate
In battle struggled through the night
Till there came to join the fight
An enemy from far below
Wreathed in flame and made of shadows
A Balrog came and brang the falls
Of Durin's dwarves in thier mighty halls
The caverns of music then were stilled
And with an evil darkness filled
Now Moria, once Khazad-Dum,
Is stilled of dwarvish voice or tune
The hammers echo is no longer heard
In Moria, where dwarvish word
Spoken in the dark days past,
Is forever stilled at last
In Moria, In Khazad-Dum
No more alight beneath the moon."


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