The Fall of Glaurung - A Poem

Even as the Great Worm slept,
Upward Túrin and his companion vainly crept
Until at last the cliff had them beaten
And they fell into the teeth of Teiglin.

There they waited until at last
Glaurung climbed from his abode of black.
The Dragon then made his assault upon Brethil
And Turambar watched with renewed vigil.

Glaurung then let forth a mighty blast
But Túrin and Hunthor escaped its path.
But a moment later Hunthor was smitten
By a great stone, to Mandos rendering him.

Turambar cried then aloud, "Alas! Alas!"
And cursed himself as one mad.
But he continued on, despite his fortune
And this time he had the cliff beaten.

Drew he then the famous Black Blade
And stabbed Glaurung's underside with hate.
Glaurung then gave forth a scream
And all was shaken even unto Nen Girith.

Turambar then looked upon his enemy with gladness.
The Worm still breatheth, but he would recover Gurthang.
Turambar jested then his enemy.
These words he spake with mockery.

"Hail, Worm of Morgoth! Well met again!
Die now and the darkness have thee!
Thus is Túrin son of Húrin avenged."

Turambar then wrenched out the sword,
But his flesh was set a flame by the black blood hoard.
The venom burned so that he yelled in pain
And Glaurung looked his last upon Turambar in vain.


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