The Exiles - From the West

The exiles on the hither shore
of the sundering seas shall hear no more
the voice of Varda, Queen of Stars
or see the Trees withered that Morgoth marred
or hear the ringing of deep-toned bells
that hang in Valinor's citadels.

No more shall they see the Ever-White
Taniquetil that shines in shadow and night
nor hear the voice of Nienna weep
for all the sorrows the exiles reap.

But ever their minds pull to the Sea
which drowns out their bitter tears mournfully
and gives them a hope that cannot be quenched
though all they have from them be wrenched.

And so by hope they live each day
and pray that they might find the Way
the Road that only Elves may find
for to the World their spirits bind;
the way to the Immortal West
where the Children of Iluvatar rest.

"O Valinor! O Valinor! Where art thou gone?" they cry.
"Bitter we weep in mortal lands and watch our kinsmen die!
Our immortal hearts are bound to the Earth,
yet whither here might we find mirth?
Perenially shall we remain
while mortal men rule, and grow and gain?
The Eldar wane and fade from sight.
O How we miss the Two Trees' Light!
O Manwe, Varda, hear our cry!
Wilt thou listen from the sky?
Please reveal to us the Way
so we might find the West one day!"

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