The Endless Night at Helms Deep - Poetry

An Endless night of battle and war.
Will we see victory or our defeat?
We rode into Helm's Deep,
The news of an army of orcs
and men haunted us.
We rode into the fort that
had never been taken over,
praying that we might have the
same good fortune.
When we reached the old fort
The night caught up with us.
The dark of the night fell
heavily on our men, as if an unseen
storm were to come.
The first sight of orcs and men
came into vision,
there seemed to be an endless line of
They came marching in, spears in hand.
Our hope was frail,
The last of our men were being exterminated.
The night seemed to go on for years,
as the cold pressed on.
Our ammuntion was running short.
We were sure it was the end,
When I looked to the west and saw a
light. A pale light it seemed, but then
it grew, and in the distance there was
a gleam of white. I knew at once by the
speed of the thing that it was Gandalf
the white, on the steed Shadowfax.
Our soldiers did see as well, and our hearts
did stir. We rose to fight again.
The victory would come to us, as Gandalf
and the sun did.
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