The Dreams of Wish - A poem that relates to so many stories...

I long to go the grassy plains,
rolling hills below stormy skies,
I need to see the halls of stone,
see the glint in eagle eyes.

I wish to see the sandy shore,
by starlight or by day,
I long to be in Middle-earth,
and there I hope to stay.

The Elves of Eldar days,
I want to see their faces,
to behold the Moria gates,
and all of Tolkien's races.

In dreams I hope to wake up there,
in Gondor or in the Shire,
I wish to see the Elven-kings,
and forests lit by Moon-fire.

To be able to see King Aragorn,
and Arwen Evenstar,
to have a love as strong as theirs,
in that world or in ours.

To be soaked by Astron* showers,
be kissed on rolling hills...

*Astron is the fourth month of the Shire calendar

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