The Departure of Alassemiire - A poem of the departure of the last elf from Middle Earth

Once upon a hilltop, I saw her standing there,
her hair was of gold, her eyes were of ocean blue,
and gloried radiance shone round her.

Who is this fair lady, and why doth she choose
to bless us fair mortals with her stealing glance?
Why doth she come to these forsaken lands,
when evil has stripped bare their former beauty?

Ah Middle Earth! How beautiful once thou was!
When the Valar would come down from there high thrones,
and bless thee with their presence.
Gone is thy beauty, stripped away by dark and despair,
not worthy of such beautiful a lady to set foot upon!

She walked upon the open plain, and I followed at a distance,
across the mountains she did walk, and all of Middle Earth.
Then one night, she turned to the sky, and cried aloud for mourning.
It was then that I saw the glistening white tears, streaming down her tender cheek.
"Ai! Enungol tompe endorenna! Galad melda galad! Tul aldamon endorenna!"
She cried, weeping with grief.

There she stayed for many a day, weeping for Middle Earth.
At last she left the small hill where she sat, and walked over Middle Earth once more.
I followed her with awe and wonder at this glorious lady,
until at last she led me to the sea, the mysterious sea,
that only elves may cross to that blessed place of Valinor.

A white ship awaited her there, built by the skill of the Teleri.
The sails were unfurled, and the caught the wind, and she began her journey.
Back to her homeland of old, her family and friends, and those whom she loved dearly.
Away to Valinor, the blessed realm of the Valar, the undying lands!

This was the departure of Alassemiire Arineel from Middle Earth,
beautiful and radiant, a wariorress of old,
One of the few Vanyar who blessed Middle Earth with her love for it.
Such was what I saw in my younger days, when peace came once more to Middle Earth,
after the last war of the elves!

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