The Debate - My Second Poem (well not excatly a poem)

(Gollum) Take the Precioussss!
(Smeagol) No! I made a promise!
(Gollum) Take it for ourselvesssss!
(Smeagol) No! I promised on the Precious.
(Gollum) We wantsss it.
(Smeagol) Yes we do wants it. But we can't make good master suffer.
(Gollum) Good master? They ties us up with nasssty rope!
(Smeagol) No, master didn't tie us up. The other nassssty hobbit did.
(Gollum) Then take the precious and make the nassssty hobbit suffer.
(Smeagol) Yes. I will. But when?
(Gollum) Soon. when they least expect it. We will take back what is ourssssss!
(Smeagol) Yes. Soon.
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