The Death Of Glorfindel Of Gondolin - The Tale Of The Death Of Glorfindel Of Gondolin

The Death Of Glorfindel Of Gondolin

Gondolin, O Gondolin
Once beautiful and glad
A mere memory of what has been
Your tale is long and sad

Many on that fateful day
Númenor were fleeing
Till as they passed a rocky way
Were atacked by an evil being

A balrog lept then from the height,
His fiery whip-tongues flying fast
His fiery power and evil might
None could withstand or outlast

The Elf lord Glorfindel lept then forward
His armor gleaming strangly in the moon
It's helm he crushed beneth his sword
It's whip-arm too was hewn

As began to fall the Balrog near
He clutched the elf's hair golden glowing
And with a death-cry that all did hear
Plunged into the river flowing

His body up was borne
By Lord Thorndur the eagle then
And long did the people mourn
Glorfindil, Of Gondolin

Then were the events of that day
Remembered, In the books of anciant lore
And on the mound there by the way
Bloomed the Golden Flower ever-more


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