The Darkest Hero Was... - In Recognition of the Bravest

The Darkest Hero was
The Least Famous in his Time
The bluntest steel was
Carried by an outcast quite sublime
For to whom do we owe all
This splendor and renewed race?
And for what do we know all
The names and dates of this faint trace?

The Darkest Hero was
an outcast wandering, but not lost
The deepest vale was
tread by he to recruit the lost
So he pulled up his boots and stood
for what he knew to be common but good
and he lead an army of long-dead men
whom he knew to be trustworthy again

The Darkest Hero was
a mere nickname to conceal his height
The truest strider was
a shell, a mask, to make things right
And he led a faithful band
Of the only men who didn't by means
this unkown cause misunderstand
The men who tread the darkest scenes

My brightest Hero was
a man beyond my comprehension
The royal serpent-ring was
unseen by evil who didn't mention
The truth of the returning Kings
To the darkest lord of blackest things
Of old the well-known Necromancer
a tyrant born of ancient race-enhancer

And came forth the line of Barahir
From the shadows into the fire
And renowned the tale of Isildur
Forever into across the spreading mire

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