The Dance Of Luthien - ( The thoughts of Beren upon meeting his Tunuviel)

Perhaps it was by chance,
Perhaps it was fate;
The day I stumbled into Doriath
and saw you dancing
and my woes fell away.
Under the ripe moon
beside the Esgalduin
you were there,
your slender figure moving to the music
of that starry night.
The gentle breeze playing with your dark hair,
sweeping it across your alabaster skin.
The curl of your mouth,
The flush of your cheeks,
The gentleness of your eyes,
invites me to follow you,
but as soon as I saw you
you vanished
and I wandered, enchanted by you
calling for you,
my Tunuviel.

Then one day while walking in my spellbound world
I heard you singing,
awakening the dormant spring.
The soft, sweet smell of the new day awoke me,
and I beheld you,
my love,
I called to you and you did not flee,
for a moment I felt you in my arms
but you slipped away from me,
As the sun escapes the embrace of the moon.

I then fell to the ground in a swoon
and all was dark.
Then beyond hope you returned to me,
you stayed with me.
We walked together through spring and summer,
hand in hand,
I have never felt love like this.

Perhaps it was by chance,
Perhaps it was fate.
Our bliss was overwhelming
though the time was too brief.
My Tunuviel,
I shall always love you.

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