The courage of Frodo - A poem about Frodo, his struggles, and events that profoundly changed him

The constant struggle, the constant strain
But never did he whine or complain
So valiant was he that threw down the dark power
He who rose and the defied the dark tower
He gave up his freedom and his life
For a quest that could fail on the edge of a knife
It tortured his soul and devoured his mind
He was plagued by its memory the rest of his time
Knowing this he struggled on
Through a journey so long
And so hopeless with only a light
That in utter darkness shone so bright
Like a star glimmering with the moon
His star was extinguished too soon
He lived but he was never the same
And on the ring was laid this blame
Until he sailed west then his star shined bright
And his spirit returned full of hope & might
To a new life he sailed away
And would dream again another day
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