The Choices of Gollum

He solemnly peered across the range
Would he go or would he stay
Was it too late for his life to change
Would he ever find his way

Would Sam and Frodo need him
Would they get lost and afraid
When the light was oh so dim
And the path before them was not laid

Would good Smeagol stay at last
Or would Gollum again sneak out
In a move too stunningly fast
That the eye could not see what was about

Would he lead them into treachery
Or to Mt. Doom on a safe road
Would he think only me me me
Before journeying into 'us' mode

Would he think with his mind
Would he take back his treasure
Would he put them in a bind
Just to temper his pleasure

Would he feel with his heart
And give the hobbits shelter
To do so may be smart
No cause for any helter-skelter

'We wantsss's ourss'
'No, no Master's our friend'
'We takes it gives us powers'
'No, no our mind is on the mend'

Which would he chose
Could a choice be made
A chance to win or lose
One that would never fade

Only he knows which one
He would chose in a second
No one ever said it couldn't be done
Hope to him had never beckoned

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