The Battle of Helms Deep

My heart begins to race,
Thining I have to face
The Uruk-hai who come marching this way.
I can see them coming against the blackened night, faraway.

Beside me tall and proud stands my love
I pry my gaze away at all who live,
And just wonder how many there shall be dead?
Now I think that my hands shall not wield my dagger or bow for they have turned to lead.
I feel a hand on my shoulder.
"You cannot not falter,"
he says. heart has chosen that it looks for death.

They crash upon the wall like water against rock,
I fear my heart will stop. They attack.
Ladders rise and crash back down.
The air is filled with noise and death all sewn
To fill the night wiht memory.
But I must face the death that comes my way and slowly
I feel myself slip into the night.
I cannot hear nor can I see. but one purpose guides me to fight.

The many wounds i have shall not stop me.
I shall fight till they flee.
But where is my love? I have not seen him.
I am blown back as the wall is broken and now I hear him.
But no, I came for one fight till I die.
I now know I shall not look upon his face once more as I will fly
To meet the gate for death as it comes to me.
This will be the end, a noble fighter shall rest here.
I'm sorry my love, but my purpose it filled.
Goodbye to thee! I shall awaken no more.

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