The Ages - A poem based on the finer points of Middle Earth's history

The First Age was quite a bore,
Some Elves fought a big war,
Orcs died and Morgoth,
Well, for his mommy he did cry.

The Second Age was better than the first,
Though many Men thought they were cursed.
They got in deep with the Valar,
While Sauron got blasted at the local bar.

The Third was OK, I guess,
Though the whole place was a mess.
It ended with ding,
After a hobbit ditched the ring.

The Fourth Age, we may never know
What happened to the Gamgees of New Row,
Or if Legolas sailed across the sea,
And if with him went Gimli

So ends this tale of many an age,
that resides upon this web-page.
I must say good-bye,
Before of boredom you do die.

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