Théodred Lost

Theodred Lost

The perfect buoyancy where my delusions of grandeur dwelled,
Filled me with false confidence as worms fill a putrefied corpse.
For a dark shadow took me, whispering freezing words to my ears
Lost in the terrible tunnel like a decrepit soul, I saw light...
For the Stormcrow became my exquisite antidote.
I had been saved from darkness and shame only to face a fatality.
As hasty as the cure arrived to my weakened soul, so the inexorable bitterness,
Fears became dense with time and the burden became pain,
Until the heartrending truth stroke with all its might,
A cruel sword that pierced my vulnerable heart, deep as the handle could get.
Corrupted, lonely, destined to an untrue but terrifying end..
For it is an unbearable pain to lose a heir, an apprentice, a warrior , my son.
In that precise moment my thoughts were clouded,
My delusions burst into freezing silver shards and imprison me,
in the fierce insecurity, my house has failed...

My soul trapped, betrayed by my lack of vision,
Became my doom sentence as a cruel unmerciful verdict,
My beloved son was lost, and the burden of his death is to big for me
The Golden Hall has lost its greatness because of me,
Forgive me, my fathers, great kings of old.

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