Tears in the Dark

There is nothing here,
No one loves me.
There is nothing here,
Will nobody see.
I am alone,
In the dark I moan,
I fall to the ground,
Not one is around.
You have left me in the dust,
Given me no food,
My head will bust,
If you keep the mood.
I cry in secret,
I weep when you are around,
You look at me and sneer,
To nothing I am bound.
I fall into darkness,
The heavens hearken,
To bring me back to the light,
But I turn around in fright.
Thinking it is you,
Coming to strike,
So I am slew,
I shall make this long hike.
For all you have taught me here,
Is nothing but a myth.
All that I hold so dear,
Is anything, but bliss.
You cast me into shadow,
To darkness I fall,
You shun me with your right,
Yet to you I call.
You look at me,
Spit on my face,
You prepare death to be,
You strike me with your mace.
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