tears - Eowyn stands alone

I have run from the snake,
but his words still hiss after me.
You are alone.
Not by the words them selves,
but it is the truth of the statement
that cuts deep enough to shed tears

one tear falls for my cousin

Theodred lies in the next room,
but he is nowhere to be found

second drop for my brother

Eomer has left to be free,
yet has left me in this cage

third tear for my kin

What has the worm done to the King?
for he is not the man that sits
in my uncle's chair

more tears fall for my people

and I helpless to stop let them flow
holding my breath does no good
as I think of the invisible bars
that hold me

sobbing aloud, the waters flow

thinking of those I have lost only makes it worse,
and I hear men traveling through the hall to
where my cousin lay
I try to stifle my grief, for it is I who must inform
my uncle of his sons death

dried tears, fresh pain

I am thankful my voice does not crack
but it would have made no difference if it had
as he can not hear me.
It is too much to bear.

tears begin again

I flee the hall, ready to run away from
the silence.
But something holds me back.
Gazing at the flat plains
stretching to mountains
realization crushes my escape
I have nowhere to run to
only what I run from

the wind stings my eyes

A flag is ripped off of a pole,
and blown beyond the city gates
Ironic a piece of cloth can
escape so easily, while I am
trapped in my home
as I flee from the world

a last tear falls for me

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