Tears are falling Rain - -Eowyn's Grief

Tears are falling rain
that wash away the grief and pain
they heal hearts
and comfort souls
they fill up the deepest holes

My tears are falling rain
they do not wash away my greif and pain
they tore my heart
and ripped my soul
they dug up even deeper holes

I cry and scream
but no one hears
no one sees my fallen tears

Despair takes me
the bottom is close
anger and pain
these tears are falling rain

Rain restores
Rain can heal
but no one knows the way I feel

Save me from despair
save me from pain
bring more tears
bring more rain

Tears of falling rain
will wash away my greif and pain
they will heal my broken heart
comfort my ailing soul
fill all my deep, dark holes

Rain has come
I've been reborn
no more despair
no more pain
no more tears of falling rain

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