Sweet Dreams - More sap than a giant redwood.

"Sweet Dreams"
by Corbin F. Halloway
writing as Samwise Gamgee

We walked long together, more steps than there are
On the whole Road until the Earth's end, so it seemed.
And I watched as you slept waking sleep in our footprints,
And now and then, Frodo, I watched as you dreamed.

I heard you ask riddles, demanding the dark
Give you answer. Cease whispers and murmurs, you said.
And I guess that it spoke in the roaring of Mordor,
But I never heard any cries of the dead.

Sometimes you seemed almost to sing in your sleep,
A chant rising and falling like waves on a beach.
And the words of the song were of longing for comfort,
Some light ever near that you never could reach.

But worst were the nightmares, when day never came
To a land cursed, forsaken by both foe and friend.
And I tried to remember if once we were happy,
If once, long ago, we hoped this quest might end.

Now here at the Havens I watch as you leave
On a white ship bound for the Earth's end, so it seems.
And I wish you the best of whatever lies out there,
But most of all, Frodo, I wish you sweet dreams.


(c) 2001 C.F.H.

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