Surrounded By Darkness, With No Way Out - alone, and withering away. Dieing with each passing day

Surrounded by Darkness, with no way out
Slowly, each day, it closes in,
No escape, nor rescue,
This is the fate I choose, but why did it have to be so painful.

I long for my home, I long for the cosy fire
Though an Elf I am, this is too much,
My soul is withering, I am dieing.

Never again will I be able to laugh with my friends,
Never again can I smile just once.
I have gone to Mount Doom
With the Hobbits Frodo and Sam,
And there I shall die.

Withering away, being eaten from inside,
My mind is falling, my heart is dieing,
Dieing, dieing, with each days past,
No escape, no rescue,
Just a heart breaking.

The shadows are taking over,
Darkness is clouding my view,
And down I'm falling,
And so death takes me.

No more shall I sing,
No more shall I smile,
No more will I be able to look at you,
And say that I love you.

I, Turuna Laime, have come to death,
In a land far from home,
No love, no laughter
Just darkness, and despair.

Withering away, no hope
No way out, darkness spreading,
No rescue to come, as the world is falling,
Darkness has taken me, and I fall,
No more will I walk the green fields of Middle-earth,
Nor sing to the stars ever again.

I fell, and never shall I return,
I now bid the stars farewell,
For in the land of shadows and despair,
I say farewell to all,
May Elbereth bless thee,
And may you be well,

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