Such A Little Thing

Who would have thought such evil and malice,
could come from such a little thing ?
Who would have thought such death and destruction,
could come about from a simple ring ?

But looks, as we know it, are not to be trusted
Things aren't always quite as they seem
This band of gold, that shines so brightly
Harbours darkness, despite its gleam.

Forged by one with a lust for power
Forged in secret to hide his deed
But truth becomes known and a battle rages
Sauron shall pay for such wanton greed.

For a broken blade swung in desperation
Did cleave the Ring from its Master's hand
And thus it fell to the world of men
But Isildur was betrayed by this golden band.

And so it lay hidden and passed out of memory
Until it was found by an unlikely soul
But soon its power and taunting whispers
Would once again exert their toll.

Ensnaring hearts and clouding minds
From humble Hobbits to fallen Kings
It longs to be with its one true Master
A fallen Maia, but a Lord of Rings.

Nine now take it, to its final doom
Back to the fires from whence it came
This precious bauble shall be undone
But naught shall ever be the same.

Author's note; Hi folks ! The title of this poem comes from those wonderful words uttered by Boromir when he finds himself momentarily in possession of the Ring during the climb of Caradhras in FOTR (film version).

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