Strong as honour - a poem about friendship

The Fellowship from Imaldris
Set out upon their quest
To destroy the Ring in Orodruin
Required only the best

No oath, nor swear, nor spells
Would bind them to their path,
Just love, good will and friendship,
And fear of Saurons wrath

In Moria, Gandalf bit the dust
In Aragorn's leadership he did trust
On Amon Hen another died,
Repenting for those sins he tried

Then Frodo fled across the water
And sam came too, avoiding slaughter
The other holedwellers were caught
Despite how well Boromir had fought

Three now only were not bound
Three now only with fellowship sound
An elf, a man, and a dwarf they came
Three different races, at heart the same

At the black gate the Eye forsaw their end,
But their fellowship was something he could not comprehend
Frodo and Sam had done it, they knew,
Destroyed the Ring, and Sauron slew

Their fellowship bonds were strong as ever,
Eight were left from their endevour

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