Song of a Rohirrin Dreamer

<p>&nbsp;</p><p> The twilight is bending down above the horse herd<br /> And their pasterns are coloured with gold,<br /> Grey horsehair is flowing against the sun<br /> When the stallions wildly run.<br /> To white fire they are very similar,<br /> Beating with hooves the plains scarred and old,<br /> Hunting the light and day which're wholy gone<br /> And skipping the past one by one.<br /> <br /> Like blowing of the bells<br /> Sounds the runaway rythm of the heart,<br /> From the nostrils go puffs of breath in dash<br /> When the white-silver wave comes rash.<br /> With a wild neighing she crosses the air,<br /> Leaving in the face of wind an awful gash<br /> And uplifting the dreams from ash.<br /> <br /> The dreams about freedom and glory.<br /> <br /> </p>
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