Something Lingers in Your Heart

<p>Something lingers in your heart that you have failed to see:<br /> <br /> A pale xanthic light on the horizon,<br /> Perhaps it's the sun,<br /> A twilight light on the water perhaps it's the moon,<br /> A warm pleasant light that dwells in the corner of your heart,<br /> Perhaps it's hope,<br /> <br /> Hope that has managed to kindle from the ashes of despair,<br /> Hope that wants in there to linger and go nowhere, <br /> Hope that catches on flame and sets light in the shadows,<br /> Hope that you need and hope that wants to be found,<br /> <br /> Don't despair and embark yourself on a quest to find the hope<br /> that is amid your heart and is well concealed,<br /> If you shall find it, your worries and fears shall be healed,<br /> Delve deep in the wondrous unexplored chasms of your heart <br /> for your heart is not inane,<br /> Thus, your search shall not be in vain,<br /> <br /> Find it and let the valves of your heart embrace it and never let go,<br /> For this hope shall avail you against despair and foe,<br /> For hope is the light that twinkles in your heart, a light that won't go out,<br /> A light that will accompany you in every road and help you in a doubt,<br /> <br /> A light on the horizon, a light on the waters,<br /> It's this light in your heart that really matters</p>
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