So it Begins

<p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p> I hear them! <br /> Listen! you can too!<br /> out rallying around the walls,<br /> underneath the sky so blue..<br /> How can I be doing this?<br /> What is one man to say?<br /> Who is to say who lives or dies?<br /> Who controls their Destinies?<br /> They are willing to fight <br /> to die for me?<br /> And for these golden halls,<br /> What brings such loyalty?<br /> And Hamma, my dearest, loyal friend<br /> How can he continue on?<br /> When his son might have to fight<br /> And may not see the dawn!<br /> Listen as we prepare for war<br /> As men young and old <br /> Are fitted, and prepare themselves<br /> Sporting Bravery as fear takes hold.<br /> Listen as our new found friends,<br /> Elves! Alliances reform!<br /> Lift their bows at Haldir's command<br /> To prepare for the on coming storm!<br /> I seem to recall , how so long ago,<br /> our people were happy and free!<br /> But how could something change so fast,<br /> Yet they still believe in me?<br /> Why? I tend to ask myself,<br /> Are men to die so young?<br /> Why must the old live on <br /> With strength weakly strung?<br /> So, the old fight with what vigor is left<br /> In their hollow bones.<br /> Alone we fight, with waining strength<br /> As we brace for our oncoming foes. <br /> So it begins,<br /> The battle is won<br /> The fight is over<br /> The war has begun.<br /> The board is set<br /> The kings take stand.<br /> Am I just a knight or a Rook <br /> In some greater plan?<br /> With heavy hearts<br /> Can we face once again<br /> An unbeatable foe?<br /> So it begins.</p><p><br /> </p>
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