Sinome - engraved in stone, enacted in wood...

ve luinë súli
siri bril nu taurë

mi kaleva
i carnë anar
yassen i tol na dolen

onod Raen egla
quelle miruvoreva noldo

aelin mi hen
din thondrandir

thonieleva i du
omaeva aduial eleni

"A! Iar Er!
ar nore faroth!
i taurë na mando

rimbë si firn
gurth untuptaurë fen"

Ar i onod,
vanwa mi feäiâ,
Caitundu lóté ar thond

er, egla, ara thonieleva i aldar,
sinome, i telonod cait firn.

in this place,
as blue winds
flowed glittering down the forest,

in the light of
the red sun
in which the isle is hidden

in this place,
(an) ent wandered, forsaken
fading nectar of knowledge

pool in the eye
(of the) silent root-wanderer

speaking knowledge,
kindler of the night,
voice of twilight stars

"O! Old One!
outsiders come!
the forest becomes a prison!

number great now dead
death covers the forest door!"

and the ent,
lost in the Abyssal spirit,
lay down blossom and root

in this place,
alone, forsaken, noble kindler of the trees,
in this place, the last ent lies dead

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