Shelobs Layer - A Poem

deep into the mountain they crawl, but what awaits them at the end of the hall.
In the dark I see
little lights looking at me.
And in the distance
something lurks,
an unkind creature
the devils fury.
Faint as stars the
lights they blink.
The hideous smell
of death it reeks.
But in my pocket
I hold the light,
that will uncover
all the night.
Caught in a web,
caught in a trap,
Shelob shall be pleased.
But in my sheath
I hold the answer,
to unmake the
web of the spider.
And so I free myself
with sting, the orc
killer, that has
served me time
after time.
But my hope did not return,
for there she was in front of me,
to late to run or turn.
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