Sea Longing - A poem

The cry of the gulls,
the spalsh of the water on the silver-white sand,
they call me.
The white sails swelling with the salt wind,
the smell of soaked wood,
the freshness of the salt air,
they mingle and beckon to me.
My heart aches for the sea,
the endless sea gray valley,
Chaging, moving, shifting,
yet ever the same.
Wide and open and free,
the lure of new lands,
the salt spray on my face,
the wind plays with my hair.
The creak of the deck beneath my feet,
the course wood under my hand,
The sea longing has awakened in my heart.
To the Havens I will go,
I cannot find the peace I once had,
Under the trees of my home.
Once I never tired of trees,
I love them still
But the sea Longing has stirred in my heart
The sea calls my name.
This is the first Lord of the Rings poem I have ever attempted. The reason for it is probably Spring fever. If this one goes over well I might try my hand at another.
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