Sail Into the West - Eluchil's reflections on five years of TORC

Once, I bewildered and alone
searched wide for news and more.
The cursur blinked and the screen shone
but each site was a bore.

But then, by hap, I found a place
with more than Movie news,
with insight more than I could trace,
and with a gross of views.

Returning I watched once again
Mark-Edmond's journey long.
From Súlimo unto the Thain,
there passed a merry throng.

By then my life was intertwined
unto TORC's message board,
the depths of which I have not mined
nor plumbed its golden hoard.

I have been blessed, Callooh! Callay!
to meet a fate so bright.
To meet with evlen friends by day
and dwarven lords by night.

Though now I bid you all Adieu
(As Gandalf wouldn't say)
Hold fast ye all to TORC friends true
whatever comes your way.

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