Roses Have Thorns

<p>The lovely things that I have made.<br /> Watch them sparkle in the light.<br /> There magic glow will never fade<br /> Like stars that glisten in the night.<br /> <br /> With these rings, am the lord.<br /> and power is mine in every way.<br /> And all of them are mine to hoard.<br /> Mine to keep or throw away.<br /> <br /> But yet you have none of your own<br /> For you to have and hold and wear.<br /> A crime it would be not to loan<br /> Just one to pearch o your finger fair.<br /> <br /> My darlings they are mine to give<br /> So I am giving them to you.<br /> So have them long as you may live<br /> I hope that that is long, I do.<br /> <br /> No, it's a perfect fit I'm sure.<br /> See? It slides on like a glove.<br /> T'was just for you I made them for<br /> And every one is made with love.<br /> <br /> Wear them carefully little dears.<br /> All of they may not be lost<br /> hold them close and have no fears.<br /> That cold? No, just the evening frost.<br /> <br /> The heat, too, is the hot sunshine.<br /> The rapid pulse is all just stress.<br /> Or is it beacause your heart is mine?<br /> I couldn't have expected less.<br /> <br /> You fools! Your life you've tossed away.<br /> I now own your immortal soul.<br /> you shan't see another free day.<br /> Your foolishness has taken toll.<br /> <br /> Your mind is empty. Wonder why?<br /> No thoughts of yours are ever free.<br /> Could no one recognize a lie?<br /> Whetever you had shall serve but me.<br /> <br /> Now you are dead and no one mourns.<br /> A wraith's old life to it he's deft.<br /> A bed of roses a bed of thorns.<br /> All's the same when nothing's left.</p>
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