Rohan's men - A conversation between King Theoden of Rohan and Aragorn of the Dudain.

"And when the sword hath fallen,
Spear broke, what hope is left to us?
When the morning sun awakes what shall thee see?
Why do thee lead thy people forth,
For this time should not be.
O Lord, my Lord, thy people now despair,
What was left of Rohan's faith
Is lost."

"My men, they do not see thy hope
They do not hold thy courage;
What do thee want to come to pass,
When they attack at night?
All our men are spent this day,
And do not hold thy vision."

"Ere dawn comes, we shall win,
And cries of victory shall be herd
Atop the deeping wall.
I promise thee this, O King, O King, that Rohan shall not fall."

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