Rivendell in Silence - A Former Guest Makes One More Visit to the (Now Deserted) Last Homely House

There is a dwelling in the valley
falling to decay more daily.
I come to walk among the ruins,
remembering elves; their laughing gaily.

Grave statues stand here overrun,
covered now in hoary thorn.
I wander through deserted groves
but for swirls of mist this morn.

I saunter yet a while through rooms,
wild roses creeping up the walls.
I enter great halls filled with light.
I almost think I hear their calls.

I spy a silver ewer there
among the scattered autumn gold.
A banner tattered in the wind,
its call to valor now grown cold.

I wish I'd stayed here longer when
they danced among the golden trees!
How I wish I'd learned their songs
before they sailed o'er silver seas.

Alas for me, their time is spent,
no more to haunt the hearth and hill.
Yet their music I can still perceive
flowing sweet from yonder rill.

Forever gone from this land;
I left to contemplate their fate.
A city silent in the cliffs.
Bereft behind unbidden gate.

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