Ride With Me! - In response to daughterofpaladin's poem: "Don't Leave me Behind".

I saw you kneel before the king,
fear welling in your eyes.
You knew this dark hour would come;
the Rohirrim will ride.

To plead your case you said nothing,
just "Don't leave me behind".
Those little words before the king
broke not his heart, but mine.

I know how it is to be left
out of tale and story.
We brave ones should not be bereft
of renown- ride with me!

Sweet glory and the praises' stock
are not for kings only.
Hail Shieldmaid and Meriadoc
the Holdwine. Ride with me!

And if we die upon a heap
in a cold, far-off place,
I'll pass with pride and you will sleep
by your king in honor's grace.

But I would have you keep life's breath,
I'd have you see your friend.
And find myself a bitter death
and never love again.

Although I am torn deep inside
I'll be a shield to thee.
Such good will should not be denied,
little friend, ride with me!

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